Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Planning Sebastopol's Second Annual Pomo Honoring Month

The intrepid helpers of the Pomo Project are beginning to meet again, thinking through the challenge of creating events for this year's Pomo Honoring Month. 

We have among our active planners two new friends from the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, Lorelle Ross & Jeannette Anglin. Their insights & connections with Pomo artists & speakers are invaluable.

Still, we need excited (yet calm) minds, extra hands & feet, & gifts of time & money to bring this celebration into meaningful form. Sharon Ledbetter, who did such a great job last year of creating weekly culture booths at Sebastopol Farmers Market has been called away by other duties, so we're especially looking for a Farmers Market coordinator.

Our theme this year is "A Sense of Place." We all appreciated how much we learned about this place & the sensibilities of its earlier inhabitants as we listened last October to Greg Sarris' brilliant talk. From the beginning, this project has been spiritually generated by the Laguna de Santa Rosa, & perhaps we can explore the sacredness of this world-recognized wetland more deeply, in beauty.